Plannning to move to Andorra? IGMASA Management, your partner for hassle-free relocation. We take care of the administrative formalities; including the Residence with or without self-employment) work permit, so that you enjoy your relocation to Andorra.


Residence and self-employed work permit

The purpose of this special tax regime is to attract professional experts and businessmen for performing high value-added or intellectual, industrial property, or know-how activities, establishing their businesses in the Principality of Andorra.

The new Andorran regulations established the formalities to obtain the residence and work permits by establishing a business unit. Basically, the individual who wants to move his residence and business to Andorra, may proceed with a very simple formality. First, he has to request a foreign investment authorization from the Andorran Government; once obtained, we can proceed with the formation of the Andorran company. At the same time, we would request the residence and self-employed work permit.

The individual must present the following documentation when requesting his residence and self-employed work permit:

  • Criminal record from his country of origin or last residence.

  • Prove of address in Andorra

  • Foreign investment authorization

  • Prove of marital status (wedding certificate or divorce sentence, if applicable)

  • Resume and original degrees proving his professional qualification.

  • Medical revision.

For liberal professionals, the Government must authorize the line of work, in advance.

Residence without lucrative activity

Andorra is the most suitable place for individuals looking to retire in a quite environment, with high standards of living, and attractive tax regime within Europe.

Any person who sets his main tax residence in Andorra during at least 90 days in a natural year without performing any labor or professional activity is considered a resident without lucrative activity.

Individuals who want to obtain this permit and move lo Andorra, may obtain do so through a simple process complying with the following requisites:

  • To be 18 years old or older

  • Prove of sufficient economic means to support himself and his dependents while they are living in Andorra.

  • Prove of valid/current health and disability insurance.

  • Prove of rent or ownership of a house that meets minimum living conditions.

  • An engagement letter signed by the person requesting the residence and his dependents, stating their commitment to establish their main residence in Andorra and to keep the health and disability insurance current.

  • Invest at least four hundred thousand euros (400.000€) on a permanent basis in one or more of the following assets:

    • Real estate property located in the Principality of Andorra

    • Shares of the capital or equity of Andorran companies

    • Obligations or financial instruments issued by entities resident in the Principality of Andorra

    • Obligations issued by any Public Entity of the Principality of Andorra

    • Unpaid deposits from the Andorran Institute of Finances.

Furthermore, holders of a residence permit without lucrative activity must deposit fifty thousand euros (50.000€), unpaid, to the Andorran Institute of Finances; and ten thousand euros (10.000€) for each of his dependents.

Real Estate in Andorra

Why invest in Andorran real estate?

You may find several opportunities at the Andorran real estate market. The country’s natural environment and its outstanding terrestrial communications with Spain and France, make Andorra an excellent choice for buying real estate for secondary housing purposes or even for simple speculation.

It is important to also bear in mind that the Andorran Government eliminated the restrictions for non-residents buying more than one piece of local real estate property. This in fact has activated the real estate market.

Relocation Services

Planning the departure and where to relocate in Andorra

Support for preparing your expatriation. Organization of your departure. Assistance for your relocation and search of properties to buy or rent in Andorra. Real estate property pre-selection based on client-established criteria, accompanied property visits, visits schedule.

Relocation – Live in Andorra

We take care of all the administrative formalities for your hassle-free relocation to Andorra.

Besides assisting with the formalities to obtain the resident permit, we facilitate your relocation by offering administrative and accounting services.

We may also assist you with the preparation of your annual income tax returns, social security registration, and general supporting services, such as: contracting utility services and insurance policies, finding the right school for your children, assistance for opening bank accounts, vehicle registration and driving permit.

Help Desk

Solutions through a simple phone call. Assistance to everyday inquiries (job search, personnel). Management of your Andorran properties. Assistance with telephone operators. Translations, secretarial services, telephone support, and any other service upon request.


Depending on the client’s service request: a business unit relocation or an individual expatriation, we hand in a budget, after analyzing the client’s expatriation/relocation project.

When there is no need for a specific analysis of the clients’ departure from their country, we charge a flat fee for the Residence with self-employed working permit, according to the client’s family situation (individual or couple).

Our fees our very competitive. Our clients are informed all the time about the status of their residence permit process; this is included in our initial fees.

Besides, our personnel is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Catalan. We always accompany our clients through their relocation to guarantee a process without problems.