IT Services

Private Cloud

Living in the information era, tech tools are an integral component of business strategy nowadays. Information is one of the most valuable business assets. Have you ask yourself what would happen if your computer or tablet brakes, get lost or stolen? Does your company have the mechanisms for restoring the information of a lost or ‘kidnapped’ computer?

Without any doubt, working from a private cloud is the best option in a globalized world, which give us access to the best technologies no matter where we are located. And, following IGMASA Management’s philosophy, businessmen may focus on his clients, products, and services while we take care of the maintenance of his IT installation

IM Technologies (IMTEC), the IT Company of IGMASA Management, offers you different IT solutions that guarantee data security and, at the same time, ease business operations of companies located in different cities and countries.

Our servers are located at IMTEC installations in Andorra, outside the cyber-attacks areas. IMTEC complies with all security requirements of an IT installation (fiber optics, firewalls, off-site and on-site security copies, continuous power supply, etc.)

We offer:

    Information safeguard and accessibility
    Secure functioning without going through third party operators
    Cost savings
    Means to manage international companies efficiently

Choose the solution that suits your needs:


Which includes the following services hosted at IM Technologies servers –our own ‘private cloud’– without going through third party suppliers:

  1. Design and hosting of your company’s website.
  2. Email addresses using your company’s internet domain.
  3. A local phone number where your company is established, through IP lines (internet). This means affordable calls with an additional fringe benefit: calls do not go through local phone companies-, instead phone calls go through internet making them cheaper
    This service is available everywhere we have an office, Uruguay.


The client owns his own server –‘private cloud’–, totally independent, located at the IM Technologies (IMTEC) facilities. IMTEC simply provides the fiber optic line(s) needed to guarantee excellent communications; performs the necessary maintenance of the client’s server; programs data backups following the client-defined protocols; and any other additional service as per client’s request. Besides what the Basic solution includes, the whole solution also allows:

  1. A remote connection system through a fixed or wireless VPN, which allows access to tour server from anywhere in the world through a secure, encrypted dedicated line.
  2. Add your own e-mail server, for internet as well as intranet connections with as many email address as required as well as different internet domains.
  3. Mobile phones synchronization with the Outlook client installed in your own server. This functionality allows that your phone(s) and emails are updated on real time.
  4. Installation of all the applications your business requires for its daily operations (accounting, invoicing, statistics, inventory, purchase systems, etc.)
  5. Installation of a virtual telephone exchange which provides your business with different local phone numbers for each of your offices, regardless of their location; internal telephone extensions to communicate with your companies’ departments, relocate as per your convenience the receptionist or call center function. All your communications needs covered using IP technology for a lot cheaper than local telephone operator’s prices.