Your company size does not matter; if you are looking for global expansion support, cross-border transactions assistance, trademark registration and management, international trading of products and services, we may help you from choosing the best country to establish your holding and operating subsidiaries up to the company formation and management. We do this in an efficient way from the economic and tax standpoint, and under OECDE principles

We put on your hands a wealth of services to operate your global business: administrative management (invoice payments, bank reconciliation, and receivables), payroll, accounting, consolidation of financial statements: always complying with the country’s administrative, legal and fiscal requisites.

Besides, our company offers ‘cloud’ technology for you to access your business information safely from anywhere in the world, guarantying information integrity.

If you are looking to move to a country with better weather and economic conditions and a high standard of living, we may also fulfill your relocation needs at some European countries offering attractive conditions for foreigners.

Take advantage of our multi-jurisdictional experience allowing us to carry out the foreign company’s daily operations for you, while you focus on your clients, products and services: your business.