Singapore's Cybersecurity Strategy

Last month, the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong, launched Singapore's Cybersecurity Strategy at the opening of the Singapore International Cyber Week.

The Strategy outlines how Singapore will continue to strengthen the resilience of the country's cybersecurity.

Developed after a consultation process with government agencies, business and professional associations, private companies and academic institutions, over the past year, the Strategy sets out Singapore's vision, goals and priorities in the area of cybersecurity and outlines the country's commitment to build a resilient and trusted cyber environment for Singapore and its people.

Cybersecurity is a key enabler for Singapore's digitally-enabled economy and society. Four pillars underpin the Strategy, namely:
  • Building a Resilient Infrastructure. A key focus of the Strategy is to ensure that Singapore's essential services are protected.
  • Creating a Safer Cyberspace. Cyber technology can enable and empower business and society, but only if it is safe and trustworthy.
  • Developing a Vibrant Cybersecurity Ecosystem. It will bring Singapore to the forefront of cybersecurity innovation and create economic opportunities for the country. The Government will also partner the private sector and academia to develop technologically-advanced companies, and harness Research & Development.
  • Strengthening International partnerships. Cyber threats are borderless, and Singapore is committed to strong international collaboration for our collective global security

In particular, the Strategy establishes that the Government will introduce a new Cybersecurity Act that will equip the Cyber Security Agency with the necessary powers to effectively address increasingly sophisticated threats to national cybersecurity. It is expected that the new act enter the Parliament in 2017.