MARCH 2020

Application of the new formal obligations of inactive companies in Costa Rica

In application of the reform of the "Ley de Fortalecimiento de la Finanzas Publicas", we inform you that from this year 2021, all inactive companies domiciled in Costa Rica (understood as inactive, those companies that do not have activity or it is carried out abroad of Costa Rican territory), they must proceed to file several new formal obligations. The main obligations will be:

1. To file the balance sheets by means of the pertinent declarations (declaration of the assets of the company)

2. Register in the Tax Registry (RUT) and obtain a tax number

3. To inform the address and the legal representative to the tax authorities.

These new obligations are purely declarative, and no additional tax is generated for this type of companies, at the moment.

The deadline to file these new obligations is scheduled for the end of April, although it has been modified in recent months, extending the deadline to the date mentioned above.