About us

Crecimiento Orgánico de IGMASA Management

Since 1987 advising business international expansion

We are an independent professional Group dedicated to business consulting, addressed to company international expansion. We started more than 25 years ago as business consultants in Andorra and since we have grown organically for supporting our clients expansion needs. We put our expansion experience at our client’s service.

We are specialized in managing companies located in OECD countries, or countries that follow OECD policies, which allow the global expansion of business and commercial activities

We have a team of qualified professionals: economists, lawyers and accountants, whose main objective is to provide solutions to our client’s corporate needs. Our professionals come from the best Universities from the countries where we are located, and they devote their knowledge to manage and optimize the resources that beneficial owners have entrusted us with.

Most of our clients are small, medium-size, and big foreign companies who do not know the requisites to operate outside their country boundaries. This fact has made us focus our business in non-resident clients, who we take care with the same devotion of a 6-star hotel concierge

This translates into two basic principles that define our way of doing business

Unidad de gestión

Centralized management and decision making for the daily tasks of our clients' companies

Even when these companies span to different jurisdictions, the beneficial owner receives a consolidated report about their corporate structure, on a quarterly basis and in his own language. Beneficial owners have a single contact person, who also speaks their own language, for information regarding their company(s) on a permanent basis.

Permanente conexión

Permanent communications with the beneficial owners’ lawyers; one of our basic principles

We keep close communications with the client’s lawyers for taking care of the international companies impact in the client’s country of residence. This guarantees that the corporate structure complies with the law of the client’s country of residence and also allows for decision-making based on the legal and fiscal knowledge of both, the client and his corporate structure.

Corporate management of companies located in countries that follow OECD policies

As corporate management services providers, we are regulated in the jurisdictions that require it. Furthermore, international rules, regarding knowing your client and the ultimate beneficial owner, control the work methodology of intermediaries: banks, notaries, lawyeres, real estate agents, and companies like ours. For that purpose, we created the compliance and internal control department which guarantees the strict compliance with current regulation on these matters, regarding client’s acceptance and follow up of his business activities.

We are corporate members of the International Fiscal Association.